1. when you’re about to go for a ride after watching tdf and your shoes break. Arghh!!

  2. Womens Tour 2014

  3. Port Gaverne in Cornwall

  4. Some photos from Cornwall near St Agnes. 

  5. Warming up for keirin at Herne Hill Velodrome

  6. Photo’s from a Victorian Rubbish dump in a forest. 

  7. Winter scenes from the Ticino Valley Nature Reserve in Italy

  8. map ready for ride 6 from #lostlanes #cycling #kent

  9. Mudlarking at low tide

    All shot on the north shore of the Thames near Cannon St Bridge.

  10. Fogged roll after rewinding after wrongly loading the rollei. Kinda like it though.

    All shot on Isle of Sheppey. A desolate yet sublime place.

  11. Came back home to find I have a place on the Pru100!
    #cycling #london

  12. First roll shot on a Rolleiflex which stretches from Brighton to Hertfordshire via the Natural History Museum in London 

  13. Today #spotify has been hijacked by #philcollins. argh! desperate #doodle

  14. Got 50 sheets of #4x5 Time to start shooting! #analogue #photography #kodak

  15. Hypnotic time lapse

    (Source: jaidefinichon, via mushroomsandmosses)